Feb 13, 2018 - 01:23 pm

Clarkson reviews Tesla under laywer supervision


Ex-Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson has tested a Model X for Amazon and this time round, his bottom line is pretty positive. Maybe also because he claimed to have six lawyers with him in the car to avoid a legal battle such as the one that ensued the last time Clarkson tried to come to terms with an electric car.

The last test run did not go so well for Tesla, which had asked Top Gear to review their car, but was not happy with the resulting review, which was not flattering. Tesla sued Top Gear, but lost the case, as well as the following appeal, when they claimed that Top Gear had staged the review, as Jeremy Clarkson was biased against electric vehicles.

Whether true or not, the new review, under the banner of the Amazon tv show “The Grand Tour” went a lot better for Tesla, as Clarkson seemingly enjoyed the features of the car, as well as beating an Audi R8V10 in a drag race. Furthermore, the lawyers translated Clarksons every sentence into objective legal jargon, giving the whole episode a humorous spin.


Found on electrive.com
13.02.2018 13:34