Feb 21, 2018 - 07:56 pm

Skoda and Iveco debut electric trolleybus


Skoda Electric has tested a new electric trolleybus model in Plzeň, Czech Republic. The 18 metre bendy bus is made in cooperation with Iveco that lent its bus chassis made in France. The electrics come from Skoda Electric.

Skoda is also responsible for the assembly of the electric bus at its facility in Czech Plzeň. The so-called 35 Tr 18 m articulated trolleybus carries Iveco’s Urbanway bus bodyshell.

The trolleybus is equipped with a traction battery. It connects to the catenary at every opportunity but the battery can also power the bus off-wire. Skoda calls the battery “In-Motion Charge” and says it suffices if the electric bus is connected for 50 percent of the way.

It is not the first bus project of Skoda Electric and Iveco that had also worked together to launch the E City bus model.



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