Feb 26, 2018 - 08:30 pm

Paris police now patrols with the e-Golf


The “Gendarmerie” of Paris is now approaching their suspects silently as the French force leases 16 e-Golf from Volkswagen. They came fully dressed in what the police calls a black and white retro style and each district will get one for a year.

That is almost every district of the French capital. Three will have to miss out on the full-electric version as they have not yet installed sufficient charging infrastructure. They will use a hybrid vehicle instead.

For the remaining 15 “arrondissements”, Volkswagen has made an offer under special conditions, given that the whole trial accounts for no more than 130,000 euros. However, there is room for follow up orders.

New Mobility quotes Jean-Loup Chaluleau, deputy director logistics at the Paris police department, who said “we will evaluate with our police officers on a regular basis to see if the cars meet expectations. And we will add more vehicles and extend the lease in function of that.”

The French had to choose a German electric car because national alternatives such as the Renault Zoe were simply too small. The Paris police required the electric police cars to have a range of at least 250 km with four police offers and their heavy equipment on board.



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