Volvo is done developing gasoline engines


During the reveal of their new V60, Volvo CEO Håkan Samuelsson answered a few questions regarding the company’s future. Most notable was their decision not to invest further into the development of petrol engines, instead focusing on an electric direction in the future.

The current generation of inline engines will represent the last contribution by Volvo into the area, as they plan to improve the electric motors in their hybrids, rather than focusing on the drive-train or internal combustion engines.

Plans include to present five new EV models by 2021, which will be split between the Volvo brand, as well as the pure electric Polestar subsidiary.

As the Polestar brand is focusing on the Chinese market, Volvo has also announced plans to expand manufacturing and sales in the USA. They are planning an S60 Sedan, which will be manufactured in Charleston, South Carolina, as well as a research and development base, where they plan to team up with other brands to provide digital services for their vehicles.,


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