Audi A6 with mild-hybridisation across the line


Audi presents the latest A6 and has electrified all engines, mildly. Their mild-hybrid technology utilises a belt alternator starter and a lithium-ion battery, so that the A6 can cruise electrically once it is up to speed.

The A6 is what Audi calls its business class and one were fuel efficiency might not be the most decisive buying factor. Still, all engine versions of the flagship now feature mild-hybrid technology. It is said to enable the Audi A6 to “coast between 55 and 160 kph”.

On top, there is a start-stop function that kicks in up to 22 kph. During deceleration, the belt alternator starter (BAS) recovers up to 12 kW of energy, that’s a fuel saving of 0.7 litres per 100 kilometres, according to Audi.



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