Menza Motors presents next Indian E-Motorbike


The Lucat electric bike, presented by Menza Motors, is heralded as an electric “power commuter”, and will feature 18 kW of power for a range of 145 km and a top speed of 120 km/h for regular street use.

The bike will be powered by a 72V Li-ion battery, which can fast-charge in only 90 minutes, or in 4 hours with a regular connection, according to the manufacturer. The bike was specifically designed for the Indian market, however it will be highly customizable straight out of the factory, offering different options depending on the buyer, however this will also affect performance.

A dedicated track version of the motorcycle will also be available, which pushes top speed to 144 km/h, by eliminating some of the weight and removing software restrictions. According to reports, the performance may be limited to an 80 km range if the bike is pushed to “full track mode”.

After the introduction of the Emflux One super-bike, this is the second recently announced electric motorcycle to be produced in India.


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