Rome to go diesel free by 2024


The Italian capital has announced plans to ban private diesel vehicles within the historical centre as of 2024. The Roman mayor Virginia Raggi announced the plan in at the Women4Climate conference in Mexico City.

Rome has announced a diesel-ban to take effect within 6 years. The decision was made to improve air quality for humans as well as protect around 3,600 historic landmarks, which draw tourists from all over the world, and present a major source of income for the city.
While the city had previously experimented with partial or intermittent vehicle bans on individual days, it was found that the measures were insufficient.

Raggi stated: “If we want to intervene seriously, we have to have the courage to adopt strong measures,” spearheading a new direction for Rome. The city does not have much major industry, which means the majority of pollution can be attributed to private vehicles, of which about 2/3 are diesel vehicles, according to industry figures of the 1.8 million vehicles registered in the city in the past year.

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