Mar 5, 2018 - 06:42 pm

150 kW fast-charging without cooled cables by EVTEC


This is the new cool as EVTEC announces the premier of its charging cable that can hold currents of 150 kW without liquid cooling. A pilot has been flowing since January 2018 and Swiss GOFast will be the first operator to use the cable.

EVTEC from Switzerland has patented the solution and says it allows for 150 kW charging without the need for liquid cooling such as Porsche employs at its high power charging stations for example.

While EVTEC would not provide any technical details, the company says the dimensions of the cable remained unchanged. GOtthard FASTcharge has been testing the new solution since January at its charging location in Gunzgen. There, up to 10 charging processes per day were registered that month, 16% of them with the DC Type 2 plug.


EVTEC says that apart from the DC type 2 plug, all other standards such as CCS, CHAdeMO and AC type 2 can be fitted with the cool cable as well, even as a retrofit to existing EV charging stations. The official debut is set for Geneva.


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