EV sales in China this February


Overall, 29,150 electric cars and plug-in hybrids were sold in China this February, marking an increase of 76% compared to last years numbers. 65% of the plug-ins were purely electric and domestic brands built all bestselling PEVs.

The data released by the China Passenger Car Association does not show increases only. While BEV sold 76 percent more compared to February 2017, the trend had been even stronger this year when 7 percent more people had opted for all-electric cars in January 2018.

Nonetheless, BEV have overtaken PHEV with 65 percent of all plug-ins sold this February being purely electric. The most successful company was BYD that delivered 8,236 units. Next came BAIC BJEV with 4,445 sales followed by JAC (3,048) and Chery (3,019). The latter two showed particularly strong growth compared to previous months. SAIC however has fallen to rank 5 after it could not keep up its strong sales from January 2018.

The favourite plug-in cars among Chinese buyers were BYDs Song DM that sold 4,418 times and BAICs EC Series that found favour with 4,120 people. JACs IEV6S/E (3,048), BYDs Qin (3,009) and Cherys eQ (2,753) complete the Top 5 of plug-in car sales in China.



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