Mar 13, 2018 - 04:23 pm

VW and JAC to sell EVs under SOL branding

VW and their joint venture partner JAC are going to sell their economic EVs in China under the brand name SOL. Initially they wanted to use the Seat, or local Xiyate branding but the Chinese government blocked the plans.

The first model of the brand SOL, like the Spanish word for sun, will be a rebranded and at the most slightly modified version of JACs compact electric car the iEV7S. The name of the car itself has not been announced.

Both models are the same size and also the motor performance of the SOL at 84 kW is identical to that of the JAC EV. The torque for both models is the same 270 Nm as well. While the Sol’s range has not been given yet, it is expected it will be no different to the 280 kilometres the iEV7S can go on one charge.

In total the VW JAC joint venture wants to release 3 electric models on the Chinese market. Originally, there had been plans to release the vehicles in March.

None of the JV’s electric cars will utilise Volkswagen’s MEB platform yet. It is reserved for other partnerships in China at this point.


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