Tesla faces more difficulties with Model 3 production


Tesla employees have reported that there is a significant ratio of flawed parts for the Model 3 coming out of production, and the factory in Fremont is being used to rework and repair the parts before production, despite claims by Tesla.

According to a CNBC report, which cites unnamed sources among Tesla employees, about 40% of the new parts produced for the Model 3 are flawed, which requires expensive and time-consuming repair work. Whether Tesla will be able to reach their target of 2,500 vehicles produced per week is unclear.

Some of the parts reportedly even had to be shipped to the approximately 50 mile distant Fremont factory to be extensively reworked.

Last month Tesla also had issues and had to pause manufacturing of the Model 3 for several days, as production lines were upgraded. The goal of the upgrade was to increase the production capacity of the factory. The plan is to ramp up production to the mentioned 2,500 vehicles per week by the end of this quarter, and 5,000 Model 3 per week by the end of the second quarter.

A Model 3 tracker by Bloomberg estimates current delivery times for the Model 3. According to Bloomberg, it is based on the NHTSA registered VINs, social media reports and direct communication with Tesla owners. According to the tracker, 8,157 Model 3 were constructed by the 23 of February, but the current production number stands only at 9,959 models. This would make the weekly production rate 717; not even half the planned quota.



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