Mar 19, 2018 - 02:03 pm

Renault Zoe 2018 now available in UK with stronger drive


Renault’s latest and strongest version of the Zoe EV can now be pre-ordered in Great Britain. Prices start below the 20,000 pound threshold, after subsidies and before opting to lease or buy the battery.

Pricing and UK specification has been announced for the MY18 Renault ZOE. Starting from £18,420 OTR (including Plug-in Car Grant, excluding battery rental), the latest version features the new R110 electric motor, while adding just 250 pounds compared to the Zoe R90.

Range for the 110 kW version of the Zoe 4.0 remains the same 186-mile real-world range, according to Reanult. The order books are now open with the first deliveries expected in late summer on the Isles.

The updated electric motor allows the 2018 Zoe to accelerate two seconds faster (from 49.7-to-74.5mph / 80-to-120kph) than its predecessor and offer 12 kW more. When driving in a city, the R110 motor offers a peak torque of 225Nm.

With the launch of the Zoe 4.0, Renault had changed its battery scheme, that now includes the option to lease or buy the battery. Only French buyers are still required to rent the power pack but this will reportedly change this April.

In the UK Zoe pricing starts at £18,420 (OTR) after the Government Plug-in Car Grant, with battery leasing from £59 per month. The other option is to buy the ZOE outright. The ‘full purchase’ model start from £24,020 (OTR) after the Government Plug-in Car Grant, giving the buyer full ownership of the battery with no monthly battery lease payments.,


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