Renault to end mandatory battery rental in France


Renault has announced to end their battery lease scheme in France this April for good. The scheme had been set up combining a leasing model with every regular purchase of the Zoe compact EV but had gradually changed from 2016.

For years, anyone who acquired a Zoe EV had to lease the battery automatically. It helped Renault to keep the price down, making the Zoe one of the most affordable electric cars on the market and a bestseller.

With the arrival of the Zoe 4.0 and ultimately the new longer range battery pack, EV drivers will now have the option to own the battery pack. Renault had changed their ownership model for batteries in other European countries already but not in France.

French EV drivers will be able to own the Zoe battery starting this April. It remains to be seen though if the 8,900 euro price hike will translate into higher sales, or mean the number of Zoe electric cars on the road will decrease rather. When the 41 kWh option launched last year, it set the Zoe on top of the list of EV sales in France reportedly.

Including the battery, Zoe prices will now start at 32,600 euros compared to 23,700 euros with battery rental. Overall, Renault is aiming at new consumer groups with a new more powerful Zoe currently on display in Geneva.

This article has been updated after Renault reached out, saying that they had abandoned the battery rental scheme in other countries in Europe already with the arrival of the Zoe 4.0. The previous version said other markets would follow, when in fact only France is left to start owning the power pack.


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