Mar 20, 2018 - 02:42 pm

Toyota to conquer Brazil with Flexible Fuel Hybrid


Toyota has special plans for the Brazilian market: A prototype based on the Prius, but using so-called Flexible Fuel Hybrid technology has been introduced. The Hybrid FFV can run on gasoline, as well as alternative fuel sources, such as ethanol.

The new propulsion system was designed with the specific goal in mind to popularize hybrid vehicles in Brazil, as well as to help provide a more sustainable traffic solution without as much ecological damage.

For ethanol based on sugar cane, Brazil is pretty much sitting on the source. This alone provides the vehicle with a good start. For the next step, Toyota is planning to begin the testing phase, where they will collect data by driving the FFV under realistic conditions. Steve St. Angelo, CEO of Toyota in Latin America, is already talking about the cleanest hybrid in the world using ethanol as a fuel source.

Toyota is well known as a pioneer of hybrid technology, as well as a successful manufacturer of the vehicles themselves. Recently, the Japanese firm announced their European strategy as well. Probably the most important conclusion that can be drawn from a varied strategy is the complete rejection of diesel motors in new vehicles.,,


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