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Belkommunmash may make electric buses in Georgia


Belarussian bus maker Belkommunmash has started talks with Georgian officials as the capital Tbilisi is looking to electrify its bus fleet. A hybrid and electric bus are to arrive in Georgia for trials within months and Belkommunmash sees larger potential.

Discussions have resumed at official level with both the mayors of Tbilisi and Belarus’ capital Minsk. Says director general of Belkommunmash, Vladimir Korol: “We have agreed to deliver a hybrid electric bus and an electric bus for trial operation in the next two or three months. Prior to this date, we will host a group of Georgian specialists and senior officials to discuss every detail.”

Two more Georgian towns have signalled their interest, Korol added. This has led Belkommunmash to consider setting up electric bus production in Georgia. Apparently he has already set eyes on an old factory and the director hopes that this will become a “comprehensive project,” according to Belta Agency.

Belkommunmash has been active in Eastern Europe and Russia, where it delivered 40 electric trolleybuses to the city of Togliatti reportedly. The company builds on comparatively competitive pricing.


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