Tender: Switzerland looking to install fast-charging on motorways


The Swiss federal road office (FEDRO or ASTRA) is to call for a tender to install fast-charging stations along the motorways that line the Alpine republic. Since a law change this year, rest areas on highways may now offer other “fuel” sources than petrol.

There are some requirements of course such as that the electricity must be produced in Switzerland from renewable sources. Furthermore, the Confederation insists on a minimum of 150 kW. In addition, the three most common types of connectors (CCS, CHAdeMO and type 2) should be proposed.

For EV drivers it must be possible to pay with the usual means of payment on site and without prior registration or customer card. Operating companies will undertake to regularly adapt their offer and their rates to the market.

The federal office is ready to invest half a million francs per area to install the charging points, with operating companies then paying a monthly fee back to the government, comparable to a lease. The Swiss are ready to think longterm as licenses may be given for a 30 year period at the longest.

Up to a 100 such rest areas or pit stops may be opened for EV charging infrastructure. Bidders will have to operate batches of 20 charging stops at least.

The call for tender is set to be issued this summer and the Swiss government aims to open the first such EV charging stations by the end of 2019.

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