BMW to grow network to 80,000 charging poles in China


The German carmaker says they already installed 65,000 charging points in China in a joint effort with the People’s Republic’s four mayor providers. This year, said network shall grow to 80,000 charge points accessible to the public in more than 100 cities.

With carmakers like VW or BMW flogging to China at a time when the government in Beijing is tightening emissions regulations, charging infrastructure is becoming a crucial selling point. Hence, BMW had installed more than 65,000 charging poles across more than 90 Chinese cities, in cooperation with the four major Chinese charging network operators.

This network is to grow to 80,000 charge points by the year’s end. The aim is to provide more efficient, convenient and intelligent public charging services for customers of the JV BMW Brilliance.

In China, BMW provides a wallbox that charges the BMW i3’s battery from empty to 80 percent in just about four hours. Furthermore, BMW offers a 1,680-hour or two-year free charging service to EV drivers who don’t have their own charging facilities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Chengdu.

Apart from its JV with Brilliance, BMW is also planning to make electric Minis in China together with Great Wall.


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