A123 sells off battery factory to Lithium Werks


The US American battery manufacturer Lithium Werks has announced their takeover of the Chinese factory of A123 Systems in Changzhou that is also in the battery market. The deal reaches far as it includes the workforce and clients too.

As part of the transaction, Lithium Werks is taking over part of the customer base of A123 Systems in China, Europe and the United States, as well as the employees working at the facility and in product design and production.

Lithium Werks is looking to take a global leading role in the lithium-iron-phosphate market through the take-over. The Texas-based company now owns factories in China and offices in the USA, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, the UK and Norway. They are producing cells, modules and battery management systems for a variety of uses and markets.

A123 in turn has announced their intentions to concentrate more explicitly on the automobile market, and will be producing applications for a variety of uses in EVs, including everything from mild hybrids to full on BEVs. Recently A123 made a strategic investment in Ionic Materials, in which the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance is also invested. A123 is aiming at commercialising the polymer-electrolyte technology from Ionic Materials for solid-state batteries in new products.



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