Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi wants solid-state batteries by 2025


The Alliance of Renault, Nissan, and Mitsubishi is working on solid-state batteries and aims to deploy these “before 2030, and by 2025 if possible,” Renault’s head of EVs Gilles Normand told the Financial Times.

Solid-state batteries are the new hope of the car industry that still aims for long range electric vehicles. In the interview with the FT, Normand explains: “The technology promises huge advantages over current lithium ion batteries in cost, density and thermal stability.”

He adds: “There are many challenges, but we are making very good progress with an aim of getting it to market before 2030, and by 2025 if possible.”

In order to make it happen, Renault-Nissan had freed 1 billion dollars this January to invest into startups such as Ionic Materials. They are working on solid-state batteries, which are cobalt free. Ionic Materials describes its electrolyte as a “platform technology” that can be combined with a wide range of electrode chemistries, including lithium metal anodes, sulfur cathodes, and more. The Alliance is not alone in this endeavour. Ionic Materials also counts Chinese A123 to its investors reportedly.

Other carmakers are looking into solid-state batteries as well. BMW is amomg them with its latest investment into Solid Power, a spin-off from the University of Colorado Boulder. BMW will assist in advancing Solid Power’s technology to achieve the levels required for high-performance EVs, the start-up said in a statement.

While Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi pushes the cause, given they’ll make it to market by 2025, Toyota might beat them to it. The Japanese firm had announced last summer that it was developing solid-state batteries. Commercialisation is scheduled for “the early 2020s,” but production plans have yet to be disclosed (we reported).

For Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi’s imminent electrification strategy, the Alliance 2022, this latest move won’t have any effect. The planned 12 electric models are to launch before the push for solid-state batteries.

For our full interview with Gilles Normand and his vision for 2030, check the video below. (Paywall)


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