Hitachi, Mitsubishi & Engie drive V2G project forward


Hitachi, Mitsubishi and the French utility Engie have introduced a new project which will use electric cars as an energy buffer for office buildings in what they call a V2B model. Testing is taking place in the Dutch city of Zaandam.

The charging scheme is made possible using a V2X charger made by Hitachi. The X signifies that it allows for kW, ΔkW, kWh and VAR charging varieties and can charge as well as de-charge EVs and feed the energy to the electric grid (V2G) or an individual building (V2B), as needed. The charger can also be connected with solar panels or an external battery.

The pilot project sees Hitachi providing the V2X charger, while Engie is optimising the energy system in the building and Mitsubishi has provided its Outlander PHEV as the central testing vehicle. The declared goal of the partners is to solidify the use of electric vehicle batteries as a mobile energy source, which could, for example, absorb electrical overload from a solar facility, or supply a building with power in times when no power is generated on a large scale.

The next phase of the project will see the partners test to what extent electric vehicles, renewable energy and energy management systems can be used to make buildings energy neutral.

In October Mitsubishi launched a V2G project in the Netherlends with NewMotion, Enel and TenneT, which also used the Mitubishi Outlander PHEV.,

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Eddie palmer
15.12.2021 um 15:01
I do like this system that I can link my Outlander to my home is this in England

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