Miss R: A 1 MW super car from Taiwan (video)


The Taiwanese startup Xing Mobility has shown off their electric super car Miss R, which they introduced towards the end of 2017, in a series of videos. Furthermore, the company will present an electric truck in Taipei.

Last November, Xing garnered a few headlines when they introduced their super-car Miss R. The concept will be completed by the end of 2018 and be produced in a small series of 20 vehicles. The car won’t come cheaply, however: A price tag of 1 million dollars is attached as the basic price.

The company has also announced that they do not intend to disappear after producing their super cars, and have begun moving to begin producing their electric drive-trains for buses, scooters, construction vehicles and specialty boats. This weeks AutoTronics car show in Taipei will see the company present a 3.5 ton truck. The vehicle has a 350 volt motor and a lithium-ion battery pack, which is made up of 150 modules with a total of 6,300 cells.

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