German government considering dropping tolls for e-trucks

The German government is set to drop the tolls for electric semi trucks as of January, 1, 2019. The move by transport minister Andreas Scheuer is designed to motivate the slow electrification of truck transport as it promises savings for haulage firms.

Logistics companies could save up to 5,000 euros per year if they take advantage of the tax benefit. Scheuer presented the proposition at the government retreat in Meseberg, and stated that the new regulation would be a “great incentive for transportation companies to transfer to more environmentally friendly vehicles.”

The market for electric trucks is currently still quite small, and Germany has only a few manufacturers who even offer an electric truck in their vehicle line-up. According to the report, currently only 12,000 vehicles in Germany would qualify from the regulation.

However the move may become significantly stronger, when the truck tolls are extended from the Autobahn to include other motorways. That would increase the current toll-required road km from 15,000 to 55,000 in Germany. As electric trucks and transporters are mainly used near urban areas, due to their range, the new regulation may prove to motivate manufacturers to expand in the area of electrified mid-range road transport. The truck tolls, which were introduced 12 years ago, currently bring in about five billion euros per year. (In German)


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