Apr 12, 2018 - 05:31 pm

Schaeffler presents autonomous e-mobility platform Mover


Schaeffler has presented a new urban mobility concept called Mover. The autonomous system could be used as a basis in future for urban mobility concepts such as robot taxis and the next generation of personal and goods transportation.

The technical platform with a wheel hub drive and 90 degree steering is apparently constructed so flexibly, that it can easily be adapted to perform different functions, stated Schaeffler in a press release.

The company is looking to potentially “complement or replace” vehicles that are used in short-distance transportation in particular. The Mover has drive and chassis components that are integrated into each of the four wheels; a wheel hub motor, the wheel mounting, including suspension and the actuator for the electromechanical steering.

The motor itself is a variant of the 2013 developed wheel hub motor by Schaeffler. According to the manufacturer, each of the four electric motors delivers a continuous output of 13 kW and a peak performance of 25 kW. The rated torque stands at 250 Nm per motor, and could be doubled for short periods. Schaeffler is planning to continue developing the mobility concept over time, and before the end of the year they plan to build their first drivable prototype with a drivers cab and AC.

Recently Schaeffler leadership solidified their position in the e-mobility business by founding an independent business unit for e-mobility on the 01.01.18. Dr Jochen Schröder is heading the newly created unit as of the beginning of this month. By 2020 he plans to invest another 500 million euros in the serial development of purely electric propulsion systems and hire an additional 1,200 new employees.



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