Fast-charging by EVgo for Maven car sharing by GM


General Motors and EVgo say they want to install “hundreds” of EV charging stations for use with GM’s Maven car sharing service. The growing numbers of gig drivers using the Chevy Bolt EV will now get a dedicated DC charging network across the States.

The service operates via a platform ‘Maven Gig’ dedicated for ride-sharing drivers of services like Lyft and Uber. The service is now available in seven cities in the USA.

Maven and EVgo are trying to tap into the grow gig economy and want to address the needs of those on-demand drivers directly. Says EVgo CEO Cathy Zoi: “EVgo is committed to working with fleet EV owners and operators to make charging quick and easy. Maven Gig EV Bolt on-demand drivers will have access to a dedicated EVgo fast charging network so they can fully charge in the time it takes to eat lunch.”

When stating the latest numbers, GM reports that those drivers have driven nearly 9 million miles electrically. So far, they have been using public EVgo fast chargers in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Boston, Washington DC, Baltimore, and Austin. The new dedicated network will add hundreds of charging stations in Maven markets across the States.

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