Inductive 200 kW charging system for buses ready


The inductive charging system specialist Momentum Dynamics from the USA has installed their first wireless charging system for electric buses with a charging capacity of a whooping 200 kW. It will be used for the Link Transit company in Wenatchee, Washington.

The inductive charging station will first be used to charge the K9S BYD electric bus. Momentum Dynamics is convinced that inductive charging is the best solution to so-called “opportunity charging” for buses, and possibly other vehicles, on the move.

“Within five minutes, the wireless charging system automatically adds enough energy to the vehicle’s battery to complete another route during its routine transfer station stop. This allows the electric bus to drive unlimited route cycles”, was stated by the company in a press release. The charger is integrated into the ground, and the connecting piece is integrated in the floor of the bus, making for a barely visible charging system.

Two years ago, Momentum Dynamics announced their plan to develop the inductive charging system, which has evidently happened successfully. Over the course of the year, the developers are planning to install further systems in the USA, and as of 2019, in Europe as well.

Update 24.01.2020: Almost two years after the start of the test, the partners have now extended their cooperation with a new five-year contract. Momentum Dynamics will provide three more inductive charging systems and services for Link Transit’s growing fleet of electric buses – the latest announcement even mentions 300 kW charging power. Link Transit also plans to purchase ten additional electric buses, all of which will be equipped for inductive charging.,, (update)


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