Apr 23, 2018 - 04:08 pm

Battery maker Alternet to built retro e-motorbike as ReVolt


Alternet Systems, a battery technology company from Texas, says it wants to launch its own electric motorcycle brand, ReVolt Electric Motorbikes. Their first model will electrify the Chinese replica of the BMW R71 sidecar motorcycle from 1938.

ReVolt’s version of the WWII relict will be called the ReVolt Classic Electric Motorbike. It will join a line of replicas that runs from the original BMW R71 motorbike over the Soviet-era M-72 sidecar motorcycle to the current copy cat under the Chang Jiang brand name.

While not much is known about the actual spec, the electric motor will be powered by Alternet’s own lithium battery solution, and the firm says it is looking to join forces with a manufacturer to build the electric motorcycle.

Alternet is hoping to have a pilot version ready by summer and to go on tour to display their e-bike at trade shows before readying the ReVolt electric motorbike for sales. The first market is the USA but Alternet is also looking to emerging markets.

The Dallas-based company roots in military and government contracts although it is not clear, how this experience feeds into their electric motorcycle endeavour. It does explain their choice of model though.

autoblog.com, revoltmotorbikes.com


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  1. Poilagratter

    Alternet motorbike available in Europ ? Costs ?

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