Apr 25, 2018 - 04:50 pm

Croatia launches PEV subsidy scheme


The Croatian government has earmarked 12 million kuna (1.6M euros) for a new subsidy scheme to foster electric mobility in all forms. While the programme aims at citizens, another scheme is in the making targeting businesses to switch to PEVs.

Croatia is ready to subsidise up to 40 percent of the price of a new electric vehicles, although this is limited to a maximum of 10,800 euros or 80,000 Kuna for all-electric cars. Those buying a plug-in hybrid may claim half of that sum, that is up to 5,400 euros or 40,000 Kuna.

The scheme includes electric two-wheelers as well so that electric scooters or motorcycles cost up to 20,000 Kuna (2,700 euros) less while even electric bicycles can receive a grant of up to 5,000 Kuna (675 euros).

Applications are being accepted as of today. The government in Croatia says it is working to release a similar programme but for businesses worth 13M Kuna soon as well.



Found on electrive.com
25.04.2018 16:20