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Orten hands over E 180 AX electric truck to Fraunhofer IVI


Orten Electric Trucks has refitted an 18 tonne Mercedes diesel truck in cooperation with EFA S Elektrofahrzeuge Stuttgart with an electric drive. The electric truck was now handed over to the Fraunhofer IVI.

The refitting was a part of the German government project AutoTruck, which focuses on the development and demonstration of fully automated cooperative use of utility vehicles in applicable “automatization zones”. Outside of these areas, the vehicle would be piloted by a human driver.

The E 180 X is an electrified used Mercedes Benz Axor. It is propelled with an electric motor from ARADEX with a continuous performance of 305 kW. The energy for the motor is deliverey by a lithium-iron-phosphate battery with a 244 kWh capacity, which allows for a 200 km range. The load capacity is set at six tonnes, but can be modified to carry up to seven by stripping some of the weight. Depending on requiremtents, the range, load capacity and construction can be adapted to individual needs.

While the head of the consortium, is working on pin-point location services and the implementation of a contactless SIL2 security system for collision prevention, WABCO is working on developing an innovative wireless communication system between the vehicle and infrastructure (V2X).

The implementation of the autonomous driving system including maneuver planning in real-time as well as a web-based control station for the automatisation zone is up to the Fraunhover IVI. A demonstration will follow the project in autumn 2019.

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