May 3, 2018 - 05:57 pm

Seat testing eMii as a company car-sharing concept


Seat is bringing the electric version of their compact car Mii, introduced in February 2017, onto Barcelona’s streets. A fleet of prototypes will be used by the more than 1,000 Seat employees there as of now.

The company internal car-sharing offer in the Catalonian capital is designed to help gather data, which can be used to further research and development for the VW brand.

The car-sharing system works so that employees can reserve one of the eMii vehicles via an app and receive a digital key, which allows them to open and start the vehicle. The EVs have a range of up to 160 km and can be charged for 8 hours with normal capacity, or 35 minutes via a fast charging system.

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  • seat-emii-barcelona-spanien-spain-app
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The electric vehicle was first presented by the Spanish VW subsidiary last year at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The eMii is based on the VW e-up! technology, and has the same 60 kW motor. The battery has a 18.7 kW capacity. It is not clear whether the eMii will be produced in a serial capacity, as even during the presentation Seat CEO Luca de Meo spoke of how the vehicle is an ideal testing unit for electronic drive systems and car-sharing.,,


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