May 4, 2018 - 06:44 pm

EU to introduce registration requirement for China e-bikes


The EU is planning to institute a registration law against imports of cheap subsidized e-bikes from China. These will soon require individual registration when imported.

The registration is supposed to set the road for provisional anti-dumping tariffs, which the EU Commission will have to decide by the 20th of July. If they are introduced, they could work retroactively as of May.

In January the EU already set a process in motion to determine whether Chinese e-bikes were being sold at dumping prices in Europe. Since the EU is now taking more serious measures, the findings of the commission were confirmed.

According to estimates by the EBMA producer’s association, 430,000 Chinese e-bikes were imported to the EU in 2017. In the current year, the number is expected to rise to 800,000. The producers are mainly concerned about the prices, which are partially below even the production prices of the European producers.


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