Fisker to use solid-state batteries from 2020 (video)


Fisker had been working on their comeback for some time and had got the industry talking when they first announced their EMotion would utilise solid-state batteries before later backing off, saying they’d resort to Li-ion cells by LG Chem. Now the story took another turn, this time on the executive level.

In a video interview with E For Electric, founder and designer Henrik Fisker brought back the solid-state solution, now saying the EMotion will use such an energy dense battery from the start.

The plan is to start testing what is to become a patented solution next year and to equip the Fisker luxury sedan with said technology from 2020 onwards. For now, the cells are still being tested in the lab, according to Fisker.


about „Fisker to use solid-state batteries from 2020 (video)“
06.06.2018 um 14:49
"Fuel Cell" is far more superior !Get with it !
27.03.2019 um 20:19
Current fuel cell technology cannot even begin to compete with the current energy density of battery. Fuel cell also requires a sophisticated sophisticated fuelling network compared to the abundance of available electricity. Until there's a breakthrough in fuel cell where one could fill it with H20 to power the cell than it will be nothing but a boutique power train.

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