UK inventor creates electric unicycle (video)


British inventor John Dingley has come up with a rather wild mix to create his self-balancing electric unicycle. It unites a Kelly boat motor and a jet intake from an old aircraft and that is not enough.

Dingley clearly thought “Segway” when building his one-wheeled electric bike, yet he still had to add a smaller stabiliser wheel sticking out in front but that’s due to the little machines power.

The Mega Hub Motor Electric Unicycle is propelled forward by a 3,000-watt brushless hub motor. And hence this unicycle required a retro motorcycle steering wheel for the rider to hold on to and adding to its rather quirky look.

Unfortunately, or maybe luckily for the sake of health and safety, the electric vehicle does not seem to be designed with commercial distribution in mind, so you may have to follow the inventors videos to build your own unicycle.,


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