Utility EnBW to equip 100 pit stops with HPC stations


EnBW, the main energy provider in Germany’s south, has forged a new partnership that will result in a high power charging network located on the home turf of BMW, Daimler and Porsche. And this time, the HPC stops won’t be limited to motorways alone.

EnBW wants to bring ultra-fast charging to urban centres thus breaking away from the classic concept of charging corridors lining the “Autobahn”. So their latest cooperation with gas station provider OMV includes 100 locations across Bavaria and Baden Wuerttemberg. All will be upgraded and equipped with HPC charging stations by EnBW, according to sources of our sister site electrive.net.

Said HPC stations will deliver charging powers of up to 300 kW and each site will host two charge columns to start with but is prepared for up to eight. EnBW estimates that electric car drivers will be able to recharge enough energy for 100 km of range in just three minutes – given the EV is ready to “swallow” that fast of course.

As part of the deal, EnBW will not only install but also operate the HPC stops for OMV. The arrangement is part of a wider strategy that will see the South German utility provide and maintain more than 1,000 ultra-fast charging sites by 2020. They will be located along motorways but decidedly in rural areas and soon urban centres as well.

Whilst EnBW also cooperates with service station operator Tank & Rast in Germany reportedly, these EV pit stops will offer charging at 50 kW (AC 43 kW) with the option to upgrade to 150 kW. So this latest deal with OMV is an expansion of not only power but reach as well.

OMV is no newbie either when it comes to electric car charging. The Austrian oil and gas company owns 40 percent of Smatrics since last year (we reported) and has included Tesla Superchargers at its pit stops for some time. Moreover, OMV is a location partner of the EU funded CEUC (Central European Ultra Charging) initiative set up to fast-charge Central and Eastern Europe (we reported).

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