May 15, 2018 - 05:52 pm

ION Energy launches strong battery for e-bikes & e-trikes


Startup ION Energy presents its latest energy storage solution. The UDYR is a portable and modular battery using NMC cells from LG Chem. The young company aims for the market of electric two- and three-wheelers with an easy integration approach.

ION Energy says its solution is compatible with most light electric vehicles. Their UDYR holds 48V and 32 Ah amounting to 1,536 Wh. Their Li-ion battery with NMC cells from LG Chem includes its own battery management system, software platform, and backend analytics.

ION Energy imagines that OEMs may use their battery as a “drop-in” solution and plans to license its proprietary and chemistry-agnostic battery management systems and software applications to other battery-manufacturers and OEMs as well.

Founded by PhD holders, they claim their BMS increases battery-life by up to 200%. UDYR comes equipped with Bluetooth and CAN bus communication allowing for real-time, over-the-air (OTA) data transfer. This data can then be used in ION’s software applications for battery analytics, warranty tracking, and vehicle location.

ION Energy is backed by Shell, OMC Power, and Sattva Capital, as well as various other energy industry veterans and angel investors.,


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