May 16, 2018 - 01:49 pm

Tesla Model 3 production rising before stops


There is not a day without Tesla news and most revolve around the happenings behind the gates of the Fremont factory. Elon Musk has taken over the reigns of production for the time being and has since been fighting to bring the Model 3 making up to speed and there is progress.

The target this summer is to produce 6,000 economy Tesla a week but for now they are far from it. However, an email to staff obtained by Electrek says it is “quite likely” they would not only reach the magic number of 500 Model 3 made a day but top it even. This is fact matches yesterday’s reports from the shop floor saying Tesla was approaching the 4,000 units a week by now.

The increase in output had followed planned halts of the lines with another set for later this month (we reported). This has now been confirmed by Reuters. Their sources put a date behind the stop that is allegedly scheduled for May 26 to 31 in order to improve production once again.

The report also states that the workers at Fremont are now working in three shifts to keep the lines rolling and to make Tesla Model 3 electric cars 24/7. (500 Model 3 a week), (production halt)


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