New Tesla Supercharger with up to 250 kW performance


Tesla is planning the presentation of the next Supercharger generation for late summer this year. This was admitted by Elon Musk on Twitter after a user queried him. The Superchargers of the third generation will feature “major improvements all round.”

Expected, among other things, is a boost of the charging capacity. In the last earnings call, Musk spoke of performance between 200 and 250 kW per Supercharger station. Further details have not been revealed yet, however.

This marks a definite step back for Elon, who had stated that the next generation chargers would feature capacities far above 350 kW towards the end of last year. A reporter further queried Musk online, who responded stating that 350 kW capacity would be “children’s playthings”. He also addressed this during the earnings call, however, and stated that the 350 kW would have several disadvantages, including energy density and battery costs.


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