British Milk & More purchases 200 StreetScooters


The Deutsche Post subsidiary StreetScooter has received a major order from the UK: The British milk delivery service Milk & More has ordered 200 vehicles as a first step.

The model ordered is the WORK L Box, with a loading space comparable to a post delivery van. The loading volume is 8 m³, which is additionally cooled to preserve milk and other fresh goods.

Unique about the e-transporter in the UK: despite being a location where traffic takes place on the left side, the order specified that the company prefers the steering wheel on the left side. The reason for this is the added safety for drivers if they load and unload from that side.

Furthermore, StreetScooter will provide Milk & More with their knowledge regarding charging management. Using the cloud software solution provided by StreetScooter, the vehicles can be charged more efficiently.

With this order, the company plans to address the delivery of fresh goods, which generally takes place at night or in the early morning hours, making it more quiet and environmentally friendly. The StreetScooter is taking a place in a long line of milkmen, who started using electric vehicles for delivery in the 1930’s. “We wanted to make this unique tradition relevant again to the requirements of today’s customers,” says Patrick Müller, Managing Director of Milk & More, adding: “In order to do this, we need a local product portfolio, new IT systems as well as reliable, quiet and environmentally friendly vehicles. In the StreetScooter, we have found the ideal vehicle for our needs.”

The milk company has recently seen a resurgence of customers willing to purchase regionally sourced and more environmentally sourced goods, due to changes in social understanding.


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