Canberra to receive 50 EV chargers

The Australian Capital Territory will receive 50 new standard dual electric vehicle chargers beginning delivery this year, before completion in the next. The 456,000 dollar initiative is funded by the Territory government.

“With transport is expected to create over 60 per cent of the ACT’s emissions by 2020, mostly from private cars use, we’re acting to ensure that the Territory is well-placed to transition towards electric vehicle use – in line with global market trends,” was stated by the Territory government.

Local initiatives have been playing a large role in fighting climate change in Australia, which is further reflected by the glowing praise heaped on the initiative by supporters in government: “The ACT is again proof positive that local jurisdictions are getting the job done when it comes to delivering real action on climate change,” said Shane Rattenbury, minister for climate and sustainability.

Furthermore, the ACT has also decided on a mandate for all newly leased government vehicles to be of the zero emissions variety by 2021. This was announced in April, as part of what organizers describe as “easily the most ambitious transition plan to electric vehicles in Australia”.


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