Switzerland wants to expand EV share of new registrations


In Switzerland, the portion of EVs of new vehicle registrations is currently 2.7%. The country aims to increase this to 15% by 2022. Representatives from politics and industry have agreed to cooperate on a road map to help facilitate the undertaking.

Traffic minister Doris Leuthard met with representatives of Swiss energy and mobility companies, as well as state and local representatives to discuss how new EV registrations can be proportionally boosted by 2022. The discussion mainly focused on the conditions necessary to successfully develop an EV industry and infrastructure, as well as subsidies and underlying conditions.

The department for ecology, transport energy and communications (Uvek) affirmed that Switzerland will not be copying the subsidy schemes from neighboring countries. The nation will maintain the subsidization scheme, such as not having a vehicle sales tax apply to EVs, for now. In terms of charging infrastructure, the country is seeking to engage with pilot and demonstration projects. Furthermore, informational support will be provided by programs such as “EnergieSchweiz” to support communities, companies and land owners, as well as the general population.

The representatives around the table agreed to the creation of a comprehensive road map. A time-plan for the establishment has not been set, however there was mention of results expected “in the coming months.”

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