California and NY fund charging infrastructure expansion

The California regulation board has approved new projects by local energy providers to expand the local charging grid for the value of 768 million dollars. The state of New York is also accelerating their charging infrastructure expansion.

The difference between these and preceding infrastructure programs, is that California is focusing on charging infrastructure for electric trucks and buses. Pacific Gas and Electric and Southern California Edison plan to set up more than 1,570 EV charging locations in California. San Diego Gas & Electric is also planning to help support up to 60,000 customers with home charging units.

In New York there has also been some movement regarding charging infrastructure: governor Andrew Cuomo’s Evolve NY program with the New York Power Authority is set to receive 250 million dollars by 2025. The first phase will see up to 200 high power chargers set up along important highway routes and in selected city locations by 2019. (San Francisco),,


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