Jun 5, 2018 - 07:45 pm

Ansmann launches multi-use e-bike drives


Ansmann will present various solutions for electric bikes at this year’s Eurobike in July. Their focus is on hub motors with no less than six novel variants. Moreover, Ansmann integrated an automatic gearshift developed by Schaeffler into its drive system.

Ansmann is a veteran when it comes to electric bikes, specifically those using hub motors. For this year’s Europbike, the supplier developed an array of solutions with various motors for all sorts of electric wheelers, including wheelchairs. Also batteries will come in a range of options.

Hub motors have always had the advantage over central drives that they can be retrofitted to almost any bike and are mostly compact. It is not different with the solutions by Ansmann but their lineup is very varied. With the addition of 6 new hub motors, they now offer no less than 9 nine different rear and front engines of different performance classes.

Moreover, Ansmann drives may now shift automatically with the FAG-VELOMATIC automatic gearshift developed by Schaeffler Technologies. In addition to geared motors, Ansmann also offers designs for direct drives able to recuperate energy. The most powerful variants are also suitable for electric trikes or cargo bikes and even scooters. Special drives with rubber coating also allow use as an impeller, so that even wheelchairs or hospital beds can be equipped with it.



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