Germans lagging behind on charging infrastructure


The German government has received unpleasant news from Brussels: After the recently announced lawsuit from the EU commission regarding the overly high NOx emissions, this time the charging infrastructure has been found to be lacking.

Specifically, the EU commission found that Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg will be required to completely implement alternative energy charging infrastructure, including EV charging stations and hydrogen fueling stations.

The ruling found that the countries were supposed to follow through the infrastructure installation by the 18th of November, 2016. The three countries have clearly not been on the ball for some time in this regard. The commission has now decided to follow the normal procedure in such cases and started a contract infringement proceeding, which will give the three countries another two months to catch up on their implementation.

A contract infringement proceeding is basically a slap on the wrist from Brussels, but can be expanded to an actual lawsuit, if required, which could cost the offending nations a pretty penny. The carbon dioxide levels were found to be too high recently involving several nations, which also began as an infringement proceeding, before escalating to a full lawsuit. Currently France, Germany and the UK are being sued for not doing enough to effectively decrease CO2 levels within a preferable time-frame, as was outlined by the EU requirements. In conclusion, it seems that bad news from Brussels rarely comes alone.


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