Electric mini-plane takes flight in Norway


In Oslo an electric mini-plane made by Slowenian manufacturer Pipistrel took off for a short test flight with the Norwegian minister for transport Ketil Solvik-Olse. The Alpha Electro G2 aircraft was piloted by Dag Falk-Peterson, head of the state-owned company Avinor, which operates Norwegian airports.

The two-seated electric airplane with a weight of 350 kg when empty, including the battery, is powered by a 50 kW motor and a 21 kWh battery packet in the serial version, which allows for one hour of flight.

Norway is planning to force airlines to fly with electric airplanes on short hauls as of 2040, as we reported, and is planning to open a test route in 2025. This would mean that all in-land flights, as well as those to neighboring Scandinavian capitals.



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