Tesla Model 3 becomes cheaper & available faster


Tesla updated the Model 3 configurator, revealing new options and price changes as well as adapted delivery times. The biggest change is the price for the Model 3 with dual motor and the performance version now costing less.

Tesla added several option and made changes to the Model 3 design studio, essentially making the Model 3 cheaper although at the price of some features becoming optional.

Delivery windows got shortened as well, particularly for the top trim versions.

The dual motor option went from 5,000 dollars to a 4,000 dollar option. The Model 3 with AWD thus starts at 53,000 dollars including the large battery that remains the only power pack available for this trim.

The Model 3 Performance version also has become cheaper so that the base price is now at 64,000 dollars down from $78,000. While some some standard features have now become option, the ‘Performance Upgrades’ package costs 5,000 dollars, so that the price really decreased overall. Said power trim includes an increase of the top speed from 145 to 155, a carbon fibre spoiler, 20” performance wheels, and some other design pieces.

Tesla also updated the colour options and buyers can opt for a white interior.

Plus, those ordering the performance Model 3 continue to be on the priority lane and delivery timelines have shifted from four to just two months now.

The Long Range battery pack is now getting a 3 to 5-month delivery window, like the dual motor version without performance package.

Tesla also opened orders for dual motor and performance vehicles in Canada.

All pricing will apply retroactively also to customers who have already placed their orders.

Overall, it appears Tesla is truly gearing for mass market and for their Model 3 to become an affordable electric vehicle. Our recent reports suggest the Gigafactory is now making the targeted 5,000 Model 3 a week so that Fremont could ramp up production as planned as well.


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jim stack
28.06.2018 um 16:14
so where are the option costs? It could be handy. I've read the price of some exterior paint colors was $1K and is now $1,500 ?

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