Europe: Tesla Supercharger network at 3200 charge points


Tesla has set up more than 400 Supercharger sites with over 3,200 charging points in Europe to date. Said network stretches over 23 European countries and has so far supplied enough electricity to drive 850 million kilometres with zero emissions.

In its latest statement Tesla says those 850 million kilometres is the equivalent of more than 1,100 trips to the Moon and back. Or driving 21,000 times around the Earth.

The Supercharger network is growing fast. There are now more than 400 locations across the continent with over 3,200 charge points. Last year Tesla say, they added eight locations a month and opened 20 new Superchargers a week in Europe.

This has led to crossborder travel in electric cars. According to Tesla, the network enabled almost 70,000 cross-border trips with the two most travelled routes running through France and Germany as drivers from northern Europe headed south.

Worldwide Tesla recently reported reaching the milestone of 10,000 charge points. 10,021 to be exact, deployed at 1,261 locations. The EV maker had wanted to reach that milestone already last year, effectively doubling the number of Tesla charging columns available at that time (we reported).

Whilst Tesla gave no explanation for the 5 month delay, they say they are adding new Supercharger stations as you read. An updated map on the Tesla website now also includes those locations destined for Superchargers. Most of those planned EV charging stations are in Europe, China and the USA. Other regions have to wait.


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