E-motorbike with hubless motor by RMK Vehicles

Finnish motorcycle maker RMK Vehicles is gearing up for the debut of their E2 before the year’s end. The most striking element awes through absence – the hubless electric motor good for 50 kW. Pre-orders are open but beware; the price may come to a whopping 24,000 euros in the end.

++ Kindly find an update to this article below. ++

It is actually unclear why the E2 electric motorcycle would cost that much although it is a nice piece of engineering. The hubless motor that is inside the rear wheel and has not got any spokes is their invention. In fact, RMK Vehicles designed the entire bike from the bottom up.

Thus the battery integrates as neatly and is said to offer 200 to 300 kilometres of range. They will use 18650 cell lithium ion cells but believe range could increase when using another type of cells.

The frame is all made of aluminium and the tubes from steel.

For now, RMK Vehicles aims for a small series made in Finland, but they expect to scale up once they receive type approval for their electric motorcycle.

Preorders require a deposit of 2,000 euros which will be deducted if you buy the electric bike at a later date.

RMK Vehicles specialises in electric two-wheelers and has been co-founded by designer Teemo Saukkio.

Update 6 February 2019: RMK Vehicle presented its electric motorcycle E2 now in real-life at a fair in Helsinki. While still a prototype, the 50 kW electric bike with a range of up to 300 km and can now be pre-ordered with the final price still being around 25,000 euros.

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Colin Russell
07.02.2019 um 11:19
A very optimistic range estimate. These guys are engineers, so basic physics should be easy for them. My Zero DS has similar power and probably a more energy dense battery of similar size. At highway speeds, the range IMO will be about 50% of their estimate. Hubless motors can struggle with efficiency, so it could be even less. Come on Teemo, build the bike and do some real testing, show us the test results. Honesty creates genuine product interest. Unvalidated claims can be very damaging to your business model. Alternatively give it a decent fairing, that would make your range claims slightly more believable. Good luck with the testing.

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