eMotion from India present Surge electric motorbike


After extensive testing, eMotion Motor of India present their first electric motorcycle, the Surge. Speed is capped at 120 kph and the battery said to last for 200 km. Neither price nor launch are set but it does have power.

Sure, the Surge is an electric motorcycle like others but none that hits the scene only now that it is hot. The founders of eMotion Motors have in fact been on it for over ten years and their prototype has clocked close to 30,000 hours of testing.

Still it is unclear when or, whether eMotion Motors will actually release the bike. The company is selling electric bicycles and scooters in India though so it is not unlikely we will see the much higher-powered Surge sometime soon.

It comes with an engineered difference – a four-speed gearbox, usually unnecessary for electric motorcycles, although it is semi automatic. The decision derives from the target to maximise power. The electric motor thus produces close to 20 Nm of torque that gears down to a good 515 Nm at the rear wheel, held by a monoshock swingarm. Accordingly, the Surge accelerates from 0 – 60 kph in under 4 seconds.

The standard range from a 40 Ah battery is 100 kilometres but eMotion offers a second battery pack to double the range to 200 kilometres. Both can be removed. There is a fast-charging option that enables a charge in 30 minutes, the company claims, although that probably means the 80 percent usually used in the industry. In addition, eMotion Motors say they are working on a solar charging feature but fail to go into detail.

The design is almost conventional including a faux tank turned compartment big enough to hold a helmet. The sharp lines give the electric motorcycle a dynamic feel still, and it speaks of highway rather than dirt track.

Nothing is known about the price but given the price level of the Indian market, the Surge might as well become one of the most affordable electric motorcycles out there.

India’s Mankame EP-1 for example is priced at 8,500 euros and got a range of 500 km on paper, while aiming for a top speed of 250 kph. The company is still looking to crowd fund their electric motorcycle though reportedly.


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10.08.2020 um 12:39
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