Tesla speeding up Model 3 orders – online at least


The Tesla Model 3 configurator is live in North America meaning anyone can order without having to reserve. What surprises most though are the delivery times shown to new buyers: 2 – 4 months for the Model 3 Performance and 3 – 5 months for the dual motor electric car.

We already reported yesterday that Tesla was about to open the configurator for customers in the U.S. and Canada and indeed anyone in North America may now order the Model 3. However, Tesla also confirmed they would prioritise initial reservation holders.

Given their order backlog is 420,000 units, this makes new delivery times between 2 – 6 months hard to believe. How?, one cannot help but wonder.

There had been good news from Fremont of course, where Tesla says production has reached the target of 5,000 Model 3 per week and is gearing up for 6,000 units this month. Still, the production result included no more than a total of 28,578 Model 3 at the last count.

Moreover, even when making 5,000 electric cars a week, fulfilling the existing orders would take Tesla about 19 months or, 1.5 years differently put. So how exactly Tesla wants to deliver faster and cut to the chase remains a mystery for now. (USA), (Canada)


about „Tesla speeding up Model 3 orders – online at least“
12.07.2018 um 07:56
I'm surmising that the 420,000 backlog is mostly for the base Model 3 car, whereas quick delivery is available for the "performance" and "dual-motor" variants. Tesla makes a better margin on these premium models, and Musk has said he needs to prioritise sales of these for Tesla to survive.

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