Official: Tesla Model 3 production results in Q2


Data had been trickling out of Fremont with an occasional leak on Twitter but now it became apparent. Tesla has reached their Model 3 production target of 5,000 a week and is gearing up for 6,000 units next month. Also the overall results for Q2 are looking good.

Tesla has released the official production results for the second quarter. The electric carmaker delivered 40,740 vehicles and produced 53,339 vehicles, including 28,578 Model 3.

With more than 28,000 Model 3 having been made, production was stronger than expected but deliveries fell behind. Also bear in mind that this number stands against the remaining net Model 3 reservations, that counted roughly 420,000 at the end of Q2 and are expected to grow still. Writes Tesla: “When we start to provide customers an opportunity to see and test drive the car at their local store, we expect that our orders will grow faster than our production rate. Model 3 Dual Motor All Wheel Drive and Model 3 Dual Motor All Wheel Drive Performance cars will also be available in our stores shortly.”

Tesla recently added several option and made changes to the Model 3 design studio, essentially making the Model 3 cheaper although at the price of some features becoming optional.

The breakdown of deliveries for the second quarter was 18,440 Model 3, 10,930 Model S, and 11,370 Model X SUVs.

Most importantly though, Tesla is now making 5,000 Model 3 a week as they had targeted for some time. While an email to employees to Elon Musk revealed that much inofficially, these latest numbers confirm that they produced 5,031 Model 3 during the last seven days of Q2. By late next month, they expect to make 6,000 electric cars a week.

Tesla’s overall target for 100,000 Model S and Model X deliveries in 2018 remains unchanged. (PI)


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