McLaren switching entire lineup to hybrid


The luxury automobile manufacturer McLaren has announced their plans to fit their entire lineup with hybrid motors in the next seven years. The goal is being managed by a £1.2 billion business plan called Track25.

The new road map covers the time period up until 2025 and is considered the expansion of McLaren’s Track22 plan from 2016. One goal is to develop 18 new vehicle models or derivatives, and the increase of the annual production rates. Currently the British manufacturer is producing 4,000 vehicles per year and aims to expand to 6,000. At the same time McLaren is planning to expand their global dealership network from the current 86 locations to an even 100, expanding in markets such as Russia and India, as well as central and eastern Europe.

The core of the new plan is the hybridization of the product lineup. McLaren is working on a specialized battery system for high performance purposes, which reportedly can power a vehicle for 30 minutes on the race track. Battery electric vehicles are not being considered by the company, however.

McLaren also had comments regarding one of the new vehicles – it will be a successor to the first hybrid hyper car McLaren P1TM, which was introduced five years ago.

Track25 is proof that McLaren’s ambitions are growing, at least according to CEO Mike Flewitt. He said that McLaren is a luxury brand that is investing in innovations, be it the development and production of their own carbon fiber tubs for a new British production centre, or the development of drivetrain technology, the company seeks to utilize technology to improve vehicles and the driving experience.,


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